Video Room Online

Video Room Online is a cloud based Live Video Communication portal empowering Professional Businesses and Services to achieve various benefits.

  • Live Video-connect staff members to create a borderless company office space.

  • Provide a Live Video Platform for Internal and external business meetings.

  • Liaise with the customers anywhere in the world over Live Video.

The service has an extremely low latency (less than 0.5 sec) while providing an HD Video communication (two-way) with nothing to download. The internet bandwidth demand for any video participant is minimized to 0.5 MB per sec upload which if drops further will still allow audio communication.

Users of our service regard the virtual meetings on our platform as perfect alternative to physical meetings where distance is the matter. Video Room Online has been regarded by it’s users as a top notch Web based, Business Grade Communication Platform that is helping businesses in various professionals sectors across several countries.

Powerful Business Meetings – Features available to you

  • Have a personal “Video Room Online” located at a fixed web address

  • Up to 24 Live Video participants can join in one Online Video Meeting

  • Upload and Present “PowerPoint Slides, Images, pdf files” with other participants

  • Upload pre-recorded Videos to show the participants while controlling Play-Stop buttons  

  • Share your desktop screen (browser, videos, animations etc.)

  • White Board to illustrate a concept to the meeting participants

  • Multi-colour drawing tool with erase button to draw on slides

  • Display your meeting on large auditorium screen using “Projector View”

  • Create “Contact Lists”, exchange files, send messages or Video-call those who are online

  • Invite anyone for Online Video Meeting, even those without a Video Room account

  • Host can control audio or video inputs of the guests of a meeting

  • Re-arrange your Slides-Images-Videos on the Presentation Deck

  • Record your meetings and download them in MP4 video format

  • Capture, Show and Draw on any Video Frame to enhance concept elaboration

  • Branding options for your company available at your Video Room Online

    • Brand your “Video Room Online” with your Company Logo
    • Upload your Company Intro, Speaker profile, Notes for others to Click-review anytime

Video Room Online app available for Android and IOS devices

  • Download free app and extend the above functionality to your mobile devices

  • Most features from the above list available on mobile platform as well.

  • Additional functionality available on mobile devices such as Company Announcement, Enhanced Messaging and File Transfer etc.